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The Nancy Devereux Center, Inc.

Welcome to our non-profit site!

We hope you will find answers to any questions you may have about what we do and how you can help. 

We are here to provide a stepping stone back into the community for those who possibly need it most.  With support, we believe an individual can start to understand their mental illness, build confidence and pride, and learn skills necessary to function independently in the community. 

Our Board of Directors
Duane Haught, President
Robert Johnston, Secretary/Treasurer
Nancy Devereux
Mary Lou Strobach

Executive Director
Jason D. Culver

Our Front Door--Welcome!


We are dedicated to making a difference
in the Bay Area by providing services 
for people with mental illness.

Mission Statement

The Nancy Devereux Center, Inc. is a community-based program providing necessary services to those residents of Southern Oregon that suffer from serious mental illness.  These services will be rendered in a competent and efficient manner in order to be effective in the prevention of hospitalization or institutionalization and allow consumers to function in the community as independently as possible and to fulfill their potential for quality of life and productivity. 

Copyright 2006, The Nancy Devereux Center, Inc. 
Non-profit programs assisting people with mental illness